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Missbehave lydia.jpg
Missbehave, Winter 2007–2008
Editor-in-ChiefLesley Arfin (Issues 10–11)
PublisherAdrian Moeller
First issue2006
Final issue
CompanyMass Appeal Publishing
CountryUnited States
WebsiteMissbehave official website

Missbehave was a Brooklyn-based women's magazine that was produced from 2006 until March 2009. It covered fashion, music, art and pop culture.[1][2] Columnists included Kelis, Matt Goias, Gavin McInnes, Sarah Morrison and Lesley Arfin and regularly featured models Kim Matulova, Victoria Brito, Joli Robinson and Brissi.

Several examples of Missbehave cover stars were:


  • Founder: Samantha Moeller
  • Editor-In-Chief for issues 1–9: Mary H.K. Choi
  • Editor-In-Chief issues 10–11: Lesley Arfin
  • Creative Director: Sally Thurer
  • Director of Photography: Brooke Nipar
  • West Coast Editor: Yasi Salek
  • Senior Editor: Olivia Allin
  • Features Fashion Editor: Allison Miller
  • Market Editor: Rose Garcia
  • Online Editor: Sarah Morrison
  • Special Projects Coordinator: Emilia Perez
  • Type Consultant: Jeremy Pettis
  • Publisher: Adrian Moeller
  • Interns: Bridget Dean, Stefanie Arroyo, Christine Mayrina, Olivia Kirsch, Alex Harrington, Meghan Calabro, Annie Krasner and Meg Prossnitz


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