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Aliina[1] Atkinson,[2] known by her stage name DJ Missrepresent, sometimes Miss Represent is a British drum and bass DJ[3] and music producer.[4]


Missrepresent, previously Aliina Mayes, established Aftershock Radio in 2004, an internet based radio station which broadcast from Gloucester. Aftershock went on to co-host events alongside drum and bass promoters Bedlam, Devotion and Random Concept which toured around the UK, Spain and Germany.[5]

She was part of the duo Silent Code, providing vocals and co-producing for the singles "Night Train",[6] "Spellbound",[7] and "East Star" released on the EA Games Need For Speed soundtrack.[8]

Remixes of DJ SS Black[9] feature on Formation Records run by DJ SS, and the jungle remix of DJ Rap's Spiritual Aura[10] was released on Propa Talent Recordings. Viper Recordings released Engaged, and Listen. Easy Records released the Code Breaker EP.[11]

Missrepresent appeared as part of the Ortofon / Ecler Pro DJ team[12] at promotional events for Henley Pro 2009/2010, and has endorsed other products such as the Pump Audio earphones.[13][non-primary source needed]

Missrepresent has a DJ career and appears at music events and festivals as stated in The Scunthorpe Telegraph[14] DJ Mag,[15] Scunthorpe Nights,[16] KMag and DOA.[17] Her performances in Seoul Korea[18] and Taipei 2009 events, had Tom Leeming of the Taipei Times promoting it as "a must-see event".[19]

Missrepresent was named alongside Annie Mac and DJ Storm at the National Drum and Bass Awards in 2012.[20]

Flavourmag named her as one of the 15 top hottest DJs in the UK in 2013.[21]

In August 2015 she won the best female jungle DJ award at the We Love Jungle Awards London.[22]

In August 2016 she won the best female artist award at the National drum and bass awards held at the London O2.[23][24]

Discography / Singles[edit]

  • DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Silent Code Remix) Propa Talent[25]
  • Engaged - Silent Code - Viper Recordings[26]
  • Dutty Gal (VIP Mix) Featuring The Ragga Twins[27]
  • DJ SS Black VIP - Silent Code Remix - Formation Records[28]
  • Listen - Silent Code - Viper Recordings[29]
  • Bigger News Feat Kat Blue - Formation Records Back To Jungle[30]
  • Twisted World - Joe Nebula & Rachael Wallace (Silent Code Remix)[31]
  • Spellbound - Easy Records[32]


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