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Mitsumine Castle (三峰城 Mitsumine-jō?) was a castle located in present-day Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. It was constructed during the Nanboku-chō period of the 14th century (part of the early Muromachi period). In 1337, Following the war between the Southern and Northern courts, Mitsumine Castle was built as a strong strategic point atop Mt. Mitsumine (from which it received its name). It was governed over by Yoshisuke Wakiya, under the orders of Yoshisada Nitta, the high ranking head of the Southern Court; however, in 1340 Shigeyuki Miyama of the Northern Court laid siege to the castle. This siege ended with the death of Miyama and destruction of the castle.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 35°58′20″N 136°16′29″E / 35.972117°N 136.274847°E / 35.972117; 136.274847