Moderate Students

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Moderate Students
Moderata studenter
Chairperson Benjamin Dousa
Founded 2008
Membership 2500 members[citation needed]
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Mother party Moderate Party
National affiliation Moderate Youth League

Moderate Students (Swedish: Moderata studenter, MST) is the official student organization of the Moderate Youth League, the youth wing of the Swedish Moderate Party. Moderate Students was founded in 2009.


Moderate Students is a national organization consisting of student associations on various universities and campuses in Sweden. Individual membership is sorted by district. Moderate Students originally existed as a party in the student union at Lund University, before the union was dissolved in 1998. Today, the Moderate Students exist as parties at other universities, such as Uppsala University and Umeå University.


Moderate Students focuses primarily on students' economical situations. They have advocated for an extended "work-tax reduction" for young people (Swedish: jobbskatteavdrag) and for removing taxes on work and studies in general. They specifically want to repeal the tax on students who take out a student loan and work in addition to their studies. They have also become involved in discussions about the availability of student housing.

National board members[edit]

The 2009 Moderate Students national board consisted of chairman Caroline Garsbo, first vice chairman Jonas Grafström, second vice chairman Anna Alriksson, Erik Persson, Pirita Isegran, and Cecilia Hellgren.

The 2010 board was led by chairman Erik Persson and first vice chairman Michael Wigg. Additional members included Lars Hindrum, Ida Drougge, Evelina Kogsta, and Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson.

The 2011 board was led by chairman Ida Drougge, first vice chairman Andrea Ström, and second vice chairman Alexandra Westman. Additional members included Evelina Kogsta, Erik Raita, Simon Vallin, and Petter Krönmark.

The former board, as of 2012, is chaired by Andrea Ström, with Filip Solsjö and Olivia Andersson serving as first and second vice chairmen, respectively. Additional members include Jeanette Widén, Erik Gestrinius, Therese Lindström, and Clara Enocson.[1]

The current board, as of 2014, is chaired by Benjamin Dousa, with Armend Dushica and Annie Widerberg serving as first and second vice chairmen, respectively. Additional members include Caroline Jarbratt, Mikael Persson, Jesper Skalberg Karlsson and Denice Sigvardsson.


The following Swedish universities have chapters of Moderate Students.[2][3]

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