Modern Theatre (Boston)

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Modern Theatre
ClarenceBlackall theatre4 Boston AmericanArchitect March1915.png
Modern Theatre, Washington St., Boston, 1915. "New high class photo plays"
Coordinates 42°21′15″N 71°03′44″W / 42.35415°N 71.06210°W / 42.35415; -71.06210Coordinates: 42°21′15″N 71°03′44″W / 42.35415°N 71.06210°W / 42.35415; -71.06210
Owner Suffolk University
Type Theatre
Capacity 185
Opened 1876
Renovated 1914, 2010
Architect Levi Newcomb (original)
Clarence H. Blackall (conversion)
Childs Bertman Tseckares (renovation)

The Modern Theatre on Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts was first opened in 1876 as the Dobson Building, designed by Levi Newcomb. It was renovated in 1914 as a movie theatre by architect Clarence Blackall; by 1980 it had fallen into neglect and dilapidation. In 2009-2010 Suffolk University demolished the theatre but retained the original facade of theatre, and constructed a new building on the site.[1] Suffolk's new Modern Theatre opened on November 4, 2010.[2]


It was the first to show a sound film in Boston (The Jazz Singer in 1928[3]) and the first to show a double feature.[4]

The theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places (1979) and designated as a Boston Landmark (1995).[5]

At one point called The Mayflower Theatre, during the 1970s it showed adult films.[6]


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