Mohammad Azam Khan

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Mohammad Azam Khan (King Mohammad III)
Emir of Afghanistan
Sketch work of Mohammad Azam Khan
Emir of Afghanistan
Reign7 October 1867– 21 February 1868
PredecessorMohammad Afzal Khan
SuccessorSher Ali Khan
Full name
Mohammad Azam Khan
DynastyBarakzai dynasty
FatherDost Mohammed Khan
Mothera daughter of Mullah Sadiq Ali

Mohammad Azam Khan (Pashto: محمد عظم خان‎) was the Emir of Afghanistan from October 7, 1867 to February 21, 1868.[1][2] He was the second son of Dost Mohammed Khan, Azam Khan succeeded his brother Mohammad Afzal Khan after the latter's death on October 7, 1867.[1] Following Azam Khan's death the following year, Sher Ali Khan was reinstated as Amir of Afghanistan. He was an ethnic Pashtun and belonged to the Barakzai tribe.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mohammad Afzal Khan
Barakzai dynasty
Emir of Afghanistan

7 October 1867– 21 February 1868
Succeeded by
Sher Ali Khan