Mohammad Hashim Khan

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Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan
Prime Minister of Afghanistan
In office
1 November 1929 – 9 May 1946
Monarch Mohammed Nadir Shah
Mohammed Zahir Shah
Preceded by Shir Giyan
Succeeded by Shah Mahmud Khan
Personal details
Born 1885
Died 26 October 1953
Political party None (an independent politician)

Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan (1885 – 26 October 1953) was a political figure in Afghanistan.


He was the younger brother of Mohammad Nadir Shah and the elder brother of Sardar Shah Mahmud Khan and Sardar Shah Wali Khan.[1] Hashim put into effect the policies already orchestrated by his brothers. Internal objectives of the new Afghan government focused on strengthening the army and shoring up the economy, including transport and communications. Both goals required foreign assistance. Preferring not to rely on the Soviet Union or Britain, Hashim turned to Germany. By 1935 German experts and businessmen had set up factories and hydroelectric projects at the invitation of the Afghan government. Smaller amounts of aid were also offered by Japan and Italy. He governed Afghanistan as Royal Prime Minister from November 1, 1929 until May 9, 1946.


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