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Mohammed Al-Sharekh (Arabic: محمد الشارخ) is the Kuwaiti chairman of the SAKHR Software Company. With his company, he has introduced the Arabic language into computers and technology.

How it all started[edit]

In 1982, Al-Sharekh launched Sakhr Software Co. as one of his Al-Alamiah group companies, which has develops technologies for the Arabic IT industry, and took upon itself the mission of making researches and development projects, for two decades, in order to adapt the computer and communication techniques, and to meet the unique requirements of the Arabic language.

He is the first to enter Arabic language by computer [1] , with the aid of Dr. Nabil Ali, the Egyptian scientist who founded the Arabic rules.

He first invested his talents in children games software (Atari) in 1982, and then produced children software on computer under the name of "Sakhr MSX". Next came "Sakhr PC".

Personal life[edit]

AlSharekh was born as Mohammed Abdul Rahman AlSharekh in 1942. He is married to Moudhi AlSuqair and has four children, Fahad AlSharekh, AlAnoud AlSharekh, Abdallah AlSharekh and Manayer AlSharekh.

Mohammed Alsharekh holds a master's degree in Economic Development from Williams College in Massachusetts and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Cairo University in 1965.

After his education, he worked as the Deputy Director General for the Kuwait Fund of the Arab Economics Development from 1969 to 1973 and as a representative of Kuwait and Arab Group of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (I.B.R.D) Washington D.C. from 1973 to 1975. [2]

He was also the Chairman/Managing Director of the Industrial Bank of Kuwait from 1975-1979 before he became the member of the Kuwait Economic Society and the Federation of Arab economists.

It was in 1980 that AlSharekh decided to quit everything and found the Al-Alamiah Group, and established "Sakhr" as a project in 1982. [3]

The Author[edit]

The man of technologies and IT is an author. One of his most important stories is "Al-Makhad" (Parturition). His stories were not published in books, but some of his production was published in Gallery 68 magazine with Edwar al-Kharrat and Ibrahim Aslan pieces. He is fond of Al-Mutanaby poetry and his personality, and Arabic calligraphy arts and creativities. His stories were published in Ebda, Akhbar El-Adab, Al-Hayat, El-Ahram magazines, etc. His first group of stories "10 stories" were published in 2006 from Merit house and proved his siding with short stories. His world is distinguished with the diversity and the ability to read the "scene" with simplicity, agility and depth.

Achievements and awards[edit]

  • Foundation Pioneer Award (2009) [4]
  • In 1997, he received the award of the best man who contributed in IT.
  • Arabian Business E-Achievement Award E-Visionary of the Year (2002) [5]
  • E-Inclusion Award [6] in 2007
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in the field of localisation [7] (2005)
  • He received the "Electronic View of 2002" award in recognition of his achievements in the field of Arabic software industry by the city of d. J of the Internet and the "Arabian Business" company.
  • The best products for 1998, Comdex's exhibition, Egypt in 1998.
  • NasherNet 2.0 (best demo), Comdex, 1998.
  • Sindbad navigator, Comdex, 1998.
  • IDRISI, Comdex, 1998.
  • Certificate of appreciation from Human Resources Investment Company (Kuwait) - May 1996.
  • Certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Interior (Kuwait) – January 1996.
  • Certificate of appreciation from Kuwait Teachers Society – April 1993.
  • Certificate of appreciation from Saudi Computer Society.
  • Certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.
  • Certificate of appreciation from King Al Saud University in Saudi Arabia.