Muhammad II of Córdoba

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Mohammed II al-Mahdi
(محمد بن هشام بن عبد الجبار)
al-Mahdī bi'llah
4th Caliph of Córdoba
PredecessorHisham II
SuccessorSulayman ibn al-Hakam
Died1010 (aged 33–34)
FatherHisham bin Abd al-Jabbar bin Abd ar-Rahman III

Muhammad II al-Mahdi (Arabic: محمد المهدي بالله, romanizedMuḥammad al-Mahdī bi-ʾllāh) was the fourth Caliph of Córdoba of the Umayyad dynasty in Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia). After disbanding his army of 7,000 troops, he became the source of opposition to many of his subjects. Al-Mahdi sought to defend his title as Caliph after the rise of Suleiman II as a political opponent. After a turbulent rule, in which many warring factions rose to power in an attempt to supplant al-Mahdi, he was eventually deposed. After his death, many Muslim historians accused him of destroying the sanctity of the Amirid Harem.[1]


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Muhammad II of Córdoba
Cadet branch of the Banu Quraish
Preceded by Caliph of Córdoba
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