Mohan Kumar (serial killer)

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Mohan Kumar
Other namesCyanide Mohan
Criminal penaltydeath penalty
Span of crimes
Date apprehended
October 21, 2009

Mohan Kumar (born 1963) in Kerala, also known as Cyanide Mohan, is a serial killer who preyed on women looking for marriage. A Mangalore fast track court tried and convicted him for the murder of 19 women.

He was accused of luring women who were unable to pay dowry or were unable to find suitable husbands.[3] He would kill them by giving them cyanide pills, claiming they were contraceptives, and rob them of their jewelry. He was charged with 20 murders and defended himself in court.[4] He was sentenced to death in December 2013.[5][6]

Apart from murder, he was also alleged to have been involved in bank loan frauds and forgeries.[7] He was a primary school physical education teacher from 1980 to 2003.[8]


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