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Mohsen Yeganeh
Mohsen Yeganeh performing a concert at Ministry of Interior Main Hall.jpg
Mohsen Yeganeh at the Fajr International Music Festival
Born (1985-05-13) May 13, 1985 (age 34)[1]
Height183 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Spouse(s)Married (m. 2010)
ChildrenNegah (b. 2013)
Musical career
Years active2004 - Present
Avaye Farvahar

Mohsen Yeganeh (Persian: محسن یگانه‎; born May 13, 1985 in Gonbad-e Qabus[1]) is an Iranian singer and musician. He performed at the 2008 and at many concerts including one at the Fajr International Music Festival.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Mohsen Yeganeh was born in Gonbad-e Qabus to Persian parents, and has two older sisters and a younger brother.[4] He was a waiver student of industrial engineering. His father died in the Iran–Iraq War and his mother is a university professor. He currently lives in Tehran with his daughter and wife.[5]


Official Albums
No. Album Release date
1 Sale Kabiseh 2004-05
2 Nafas Haye Bi Hadaf 2008
3 Rage Khab 2010
4 Hobab 2012
5 Negah 2015
English Persian
Your hair موهات[7]
It's Late دیره
I find out دریابم
the wall دیوار
Thoughts of you فکر تو
Crossing عبور
After you بعد تو
Foot toe [acoustic version] پا به پای تو [نسخه آکوستیک]
Foot toe [electronic version] پا به پای تو [نسخه الکترونیک]
Dependency وابستگی
Desert کویر
Whatever You Want هرچی تو بخوای
I Promise You بهت قول میدم
You Disappoint Me نا امیدم میکنی
Dedication [Remix By : Mehran Abbasi] [فداکاری [ریمیکس : مهران عباسی
Easter each year عید هر سال
I believe [remix: puzzle group] باور کنم [ریمیکس : گروه پازل]
Man مرد
Laugh Again بازم بخند
Me من
Sleeping Pills قرصای خواب آور
Streets خیابونا
I'm Tired خستم
Today Is My Birthday امروز تولد منه
A Week Before Norouz یه هفته به عید
I Love You (Remix by: Puzzle Band) دوست دارم [ریمیکس : گروه پازل]
Vicious تقاص
Do not go around yourself دور خودت نچرخ
[Do not be] Remix: Mehran Abbasi [نباشی [ریمیکس : مهران عباسی
I miss you very much خیلی دلم ازت پره
Silence [Remix By : Mehran Abbasi] سکوت [ریمیکس : مهران عباسی]
I'm afraid میترسم
Panic هراس
The Hope I Won't Lose امیدی که نمی بازم
Wish کاش
Frozen Heart قلب یخی
Lie یالان
Dedication فداکاری
Sky Isn't Always Cloudy آسمان همیشه ابری نیست

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