Moira Modzelewski

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Moira Modzelewski
Nationality United States
Occupation lawyer, Captain (USN)
Known for Presiding over a Guantanamo military commission

Moira Modzelewski is an American lawyer and Captain in the United States Navy.[1][2] Modzelewski is notable for her appointment to serve as the Presiding Officer over Noor Uthman Muhammaed's Guantanamo military commission.


B.A. 1980 University of Virginia Chinese Studies
J.D. 1985 University of Virginia Law
1985 Naval Justice School Law

Teaching career[edit]

Modzelewski taught English at Szechuan University after earning her bachelor's degree, in 1980.[1] This was shortly after China and the United States re-opened diplomatic relations.

In 1989 Modzelewski was an Assistant Professor at the United States Naval Academy.[1]

In 1995-96 Modzelewski opened the detachment of the Naval Justice School in Norfolk.[1]

Legal career[edit]

All of Modzelewski's legal career has been in the United States Navy.[1] In addition to her teaching postings she has served as a lawyer or administrator of legal services in over a half dozen posts.

In 2009 she presided over the courts-martial of Navy SEALs from SEAL team 10 who were charged with beating an Iraqi captive.[3]

Her most recent appointment was to serve as a Presiding Officer in Guantanamo.[2] In April 2010 she predicted she would require a year to review the secret evidence against Noor.


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