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Industry Software
Founded Melbourne, Australia 1978
Founder Colin Austin[1]
Headquarters San Rafael, CA, USA
Products Moldflow Adviser
Moldflow Insight
Owner Autodesk, Inc.
Website [1]

Moldflow, simulation software owned by Autodesk, Inc. that produces high-end plastic injection molding computer-aided engineering software. Moldflow was founded in Melbourne, Australia as Moldflow Pty. Ltd. in 1978 by Colin Austin. In 2008 Moldflow was acquired by Autodesk for $297M.[2][3][4]


Moldflow Plastics Advisers software screenshot

Moldflow has two core products: Moldflow Adviser providing manufacturability guidance and directional feedback for standard part and mold design and Moldflow Insight which provides definitive results for flow, cooling, and warpage along with support for specialized molding processes. In addition, Autodesk produces Moldflow Design, Moldflow CAD Doctor, Moldflow Magics STL Expert, and Moldflow Structural Alliance that serve as connectivity tools for other CAD and CAE software. They also have a free results viewer, Moldflow Communicator.


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