Molochna River

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Native nameМолочна  (Ukrainian)
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationZaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine
 ⁃ location
Azov Sea
Length197 km (122 mi)
Basin size3,450 km2 (1,330 sq mi)

Molochna River (Ukrainian: Молочна, Russian: Моло́чная Molochnaya), is a river in the Zaporizhia Oblast of south Ukraine. Literally the name of the river translates as Milky. The river is connected with the Russian Mennonite culture, once based in the southeastern region of Ukraine since 1804 as Molotschna colony which was part of the Russian Empire at that time.

Река Молочная.jpg

In antiquity the river was called Gerrhus or Gerrus (Ancient Greek: Γέρρος).

It flows into the Molochnyi Estuary in the Azov Sea. Its length is 197 km and its drainage basin is 3,450 km². A former island in the river contains the archaeological site of Kamyana Mohyla.

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Coordinates: 46°42′05″N 35°17′55″E / 46.7014°N 35.2986°E / 46.7014; 35.2986