Momento's En El Tiempo

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Momento's En El Tiempo
Momento's En El Tiempo.jpg
Live album (acoustic) by Human Drama
Released 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Alternative rock, Rock, Gothic rock
Label Noise Kontrol
Producer Johnny Indovina
Human Drama chronology
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(2000)The Best of Human Drama...In a Perfect World2000
Momento's En El Tiempo
Cause and Effect
(2002)Cause and Effect2002
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Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Momentos En El Tiempo was released by Noise Kontrol in 2002 - Live Acoustic by Johnny Indovina. Though released under the full band name, this is actually a collection of tracks from appearances by Indovina solo, live and acoustic, covering the latter half of the 1990s in America and Mexico. It was reissued in 2005 as Moments in Time with bonus track "Let It Be".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mr Storyteller" 2:53
  2. "Death Of An Angel" 3:33
  3. "Tired" 2:26
  4. "My Skin" 5:06
  5. "Fascination And Fear" 4:19
  6. "As Loves Comes Tumbling" 4:09
  7. "The Silent Dance" 4:07
  8. "Yesterday Is Here" 2:12
  9. "It Is Fear" 3:28
  10. "Can't Cry Hard enough" 3:25
  11. "Forever" 5:38
  12. "Your Fire" 3:50
  13. "Sad i cry" 4:16
  14. "This Tangled Web" 5:46

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