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Monty Mole is a fictional mole who appears as the title character from the series of video games from Gremlin Graphics. He was created by Peter Harrap.[1]


Monty is a miner by trade and sports a monocle throughout the series, up until Impossamole, which features a completely different rendition of the character.

Games in the series[edit]

  • Wanted: Monty Mole (1984), which begins the series with Monty traveling around a coal mine collecting pieces of coal and other miscellaneous objects whilst avoiding various nasties and the infamous crushers. The game was created in response to the British Miners' Strikes and saw the lead character collecting coal in order to keep his family warm.[1]
  • Monty is Innocent (1985). In this game, Monty has been sentenced to five years in Scudmore Prison for stealing a bucket of coal. Monty's best friend, the mysterious masked rodent, Sam Stoat, is determined to set Monty free.
  • Monty on the Run (1985). In this episode, Monty is on the run from the authorities after his intervention in the Miners' strike. He must escape from his house and head for the English Channel and freedom in Europe.
  • Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987). In this installment, Monty travels around Europe collecting money in order to buy a Greek island - Montos, where he can safely retire.
  • Moley Christmas (1987). Monty has been given the task of getting the code for the latest game in which he features from the programmers to the cover of Your Sinclair magazine.[2]
  • Impossamole (1990), remaking Monty as a cape-clad superhero who is recruited by aliens to retrieve their sacred scrolls.

New game[edit]

In 2013, a competition was held to design artwork for a new Monty Mole game, to be developed by Steel Minions Studio.[3]