More Fire

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More Fire
Capleton More Fire.jpg
Studio album by Capleton
Released May 16, 2000 (U.S.)
Genre Dancehall, reggae
Length 65:17
Label VP
Producer Joel Chin (executive)
Herbie Miller
Clifton Bailey
Paul Shields
Capleton chronology
One Mission
(1999)One Mission1999
More Fire
Still Blazin
(2002)Still Blazin2002

More Fire is reggae, dancehall artist Capleton's seventh studio album. It was released on May 16, 2000. The album is a mix of dancehall and reggae, with hit singles such as "Who Dem" and "Jah Jah City".

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Composer(s) Featured Performer(s) Time
1 "Fire Chant" (Intro) 1:45
2 "Danger Zone" C. Roach, Clifton Bailey, Norman "Bull Pus" Bryan Bailey, C/DOrazio, G. 4:22
3 "The More Them Try" Norman "Bull Pus" Bryan Bryan, N/Holeness, N/Bailey, C 3:45
4 "Conscience Ahg Heng Dem" (Interlude) 0:29
5 "Who Dem? (Slew Dem)" King Jammy, Ward 21 Grey, A./McCarthy, K./Bailey, C./James, Lloyd/Crossdale, Paul "Wrong Move" 3:25
6 "Good in Her Clothes" Michael Johnson Bailey, C/Johnson, M 3:26
7 "More Prophet" Desmond*, Rupert Blake Browne, C./Bailey, C./Johnson, W 3:25
8 "Hunt You" Louis "Flabba" Malcolm Malcome, L/Myrie, R/Bailey, C 3:25
9 "Jah Jah City" Morgan Heritage Heritage, M/Bailey, C/Collins, M. 3:36
10 "Prophet's Philosophy (Interlude)" 0:57
11 "Critics" Paul 'Computer Paul' Henton* Dood, C./Bailey, C. 3:37
12 "Final Assassin (On A Mission)" Cleveland "Cleve" Brown*, Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson Brown, C/Bailey, C/Johnson, W 3:56
13 "Bun Dung Dreddie" Paul 'Jazzwad' Yebuah Yebuah, P/Bailey, C 3:19
14 "Hands Off" Desmond*, Rupert Blake Williams, M/Bailey, C 3:29
15 "Boost No War" C. Roach, Clifton Bailey, Norman "Bull Pus" Bryan Bailey, C 3:35
16 "Stand Tall" Philip "Fatis" Burrell Bailey, Clifton 3:54
17 "Pure Sodom" Collin "Bulby" York, Lynford "Fatta" Marshall Bailey, C/James, Lloyd 4:01
18 "Love Is Coming at You" Anthony Malvo Simpson, K./Bailey, C/Cameron, A/Malvo, A Anthony Malvo, Terry Linen 3:42
19 "Witness" Sly Dunbar Brown, S/Dunbar, L/Bailey, C 3:49
20 "Glorify" Paul 'Jazzwad' Yebuah Bryan, N/Yubah, P/Bailey, C 3:34