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For the mountain in the Lima Region, Peru, see Muruqucha.
Morococha is located in Peru
Coordinates (-11.59972 -76.14111): 11°36′40.72″S 76°8′21.25″W / 11.6113111°S 76.1392361°W / -11.6113111; -76.1392361
Country Peru Peru
Elevation 4,540 m (14,895 ft)
Time zone PET (UTC-5)

Morococha is the capital city of the Morococha District in the Yauli Province of Peru.

Until 2005 - when China built the Tibet railway - Morococha was famous for holding the most high-mountainous railroad in the world - the branch of Morococha (Lima -Huancayo), which passes at the height of 4,818–500 metres (15,807–1,640 ft) above sea level.

Morococha is near the city La Oroya.

Open pit mine[edit]

As of 2013, Morococha was the site of a planned open pit copper mine to be operated by Chinalco, a Chinese firm. A new town for the 5,000 residents of Morococha has been built about 6 miles away, but some residents were reported to be resisting location. The mine is projected to produce about 250,000 tons of copper a year for about 35 years.[1]


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Coordinates: 11°36′40.72″S 76°8′21.25″W / 11.6113111°S 76.1392361°W / -11.6113111; -76.1392361