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Morococha is located in Peru
Coordinates: 11°36′40.72″S 76°8′21.25″W / 11.6113111°S 76.1392361°W / -11.6113111; -76.1392361Coordinates: 11°36′40.72″S 76°8′21.25″W / 11.6113111°S 76.1392361°W / -11.6113111; -76.1392361
Country  Peru
Province Yauli Province
District Morococha District
Elevation 4,540 m (14,900 ft)
Time zone PET (UTC-5)

Morococha is a town in the Morococha District in the Yauli Province of the Junín Region in Peru. It was the capital of the Morococha District until September 12, 2013, when the town of Nueva Morococha (Spanish nuevo(a) new, "new Morococha") was established as the new capital of the district by Law No. 30081.[1]

Until 2005 - when China built the Tibet railway - Morococha was famous for holding the most high-mountainous railroad in the world - the branch of Morococha (Lima -Huancayo), which passes at the height of 4,818–5,000 metres (15,807–16,404 ft) above sea level.

Morococha is near the city La Oroya.

Open pit mine[edit]

As of 2013, Morococha was the site of a planned open pit copper mine to be operated by Chinalco, a Chinese firm. A new town for the 5,000 residents of Morococha has been built about 6 miles away, but some residents were reported to be resisting location. The mine is projected to produce about 250,000 tons of copper a year for about 35 years.[2]


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