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Author R.A. Salvatore
Cover artist Alan Pollock
Country United States
Language English
Series The DemonWars Saga
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
April 3, 2001
Pages 576
ISBN 0-345-43039-5
OCLC 44086039
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3569.A462345 M67 2000
Preceded by The Demon Apostle
Followed by Ascendance

Mortalis is a novel that spans the gap between the first and second DemonWars Saga trilogies by R. A. Salvatore. The book is also the fourth out of seven books in the combined DemonWars Saga.

Plot summary[edit]

Mortalis tells of Pony's life after the war: her fight against the crushing grief of her husband Elbryan's death and her fight to stop a plague infecting the people of the kingdom. At the same time, the characters of Aydrian Wyndon, Elbryan's and Pony's child, and Brynn Dharielle, a To-Gai girl turned ranger, are introduced to the story.


This book was written while the author's older brother and closest friend, Gary, was dying of pancreatic cancer. He finally passed within months of the publishing of this book in 2000. He considers this book his finest work in large part to the grieving process he suffered through which mirrored a similar aspect of the book in which the previous hero of the story, Elbryan Wyndon, is killed.[1]