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This is complete bibliography of the works by American fantasy author R. A. Salvatore.

Forgotten Realms[edit]

Listed in order of publication

The Icewind Dale Trilogy[edit]

(chronologically subsequent to The Dark Elf trilogy)

The Dark Elf Trilogy[edit]

(chronologically precedes the Icewind Dale trilogy)

The Cleric Quintet[edit]

Legacy of the Drow[edit]

Paths of Darkness[edit]

The Sellswords[edit]

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy[edit]

War of the Spider Queen[edit]

Each novel in the series is written by a different author with Salvatore overseeing the development of the overall project.[1]


Stone of Tymora[edit]


The Sundering[edit]

  • The Companions (August 6, 2013)[5]

Companions Codex[edit]

  • Night of the Hunter (March 14, 2014)
  • Rise of the King - (November 2014) [6]
  • Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (March 3, 2015) [7]


  • Archmage - (September 1, 2015)[8]
  • Maestro - (April 5, 2016)[9]
  • Hero - (October 25, 2016)[10]

Noname trilogy[edit]

  • Timeless - (2018)[11]


First Trilogy[edit]

Bridge novel

Second Trilogy[edit]

Saga of the First King[edit]

The Coven[edit]

  • Child of a Mad God (2018)[12]

Other series[edit]

The Spearwielder's Tale[edit]

Chronicles of Ynis Aielle[edit]

Crimson Shadow series[edit]

Star Wars[edit]

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order[edit]

Other novels[edit]

Short stories[edit]

  • "The First Notch" (in Dragon magazine #152, 1989)
  • "A Sparkle for Homer" (in Halflings, Hobbits, Warrows, and Weefolk, 1991)
  • "Dark Mirror" (in Realms of Valor, 1993)
  • "The Third Level" (in Realms of Infamy, 1994)
  • "Guenhwyvar" (in Realms of Magic, 1995)
  • "The Coach With Big Teeth" (in Otherwere, 1996 and Unfettered, 2013)
  • "Gods' Law" (in Tales of Tethedril, 1998)
  • "Mather's Blood" (in Dragon magazine #252, 1998)
  • "That Curious Sword" (in Realms of Shadow, 2002)
  • "Three Ships" (in Demons Wars: Trial By Fire Comic TP, 2003)
  • "Empty Joys" (in The Best of the Realms, 2003)
  • "The Dowry" (in The Highwayman, 2004)
  • "Wickless In the Nether" (in Realms of Dragons, 2004)
  • "Comrades at Odds" (in Realms of the Elves, 2006)
  • "If Ever They Happen Upon My Lair" (in Dragons: World Afire, 2006)
  • "Bones and Stones" (in Realms of War, 2008)
  • "Iruladoon" (in Realms of the Dead, 2010)
  • "Hugo Mann's Perfect Soul" (in The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction: 6 Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Bestseller, 2010)
  • "To Legend He Goes" (in Legend of Drizzt Anthology, 2011)

Graphic novel adaptations[edit]

  • Homeland
  • Exile
  • Sojourn
  • The Crystal Shard
  • Streams of Silver
  • Trial by Fire (2001)
  • The Halfling's Gem
  • Eye for an Eye
  • Legacy
  • Starless Night (Incomplete, only 1 of 3 issues published)


Other media[edit]

  • The Accursed Tower, A 2nd Edition AD&D Module
  • Demon Stone role-playing Game released on PS2, Xbox, and PC
  • In collaboration with Seven Swords, R A Salvatore created the bot chat responses for the computer game Quake 3 Arena
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning role-playing Game released Xbox 360, PS3, and PC February 2012