Mosaddek Ali Falu

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Mohammad Mosaddak Ali
Mosaddek Ali Falu Photo.jpg
Member of Parliament
In office
Constituency Dhaka-10
Political Secretary to the Prime Minister
In office
Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia
Personal details
Born (1960-04-07) 7 April 1960 (age 57)
Education BA (Hon's), University of Dhaka

Mosaddek Ali Falu (born 7 April 1960[1]) is a Bangladeshi politician[2] and a former parliamentarian from BNP.[3] He served as the political secretary to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Begum Khaleda Zia[4] between 2001 and 2006. He was in jail[2][4] on grounds of corruption[2] between 2007 and 2008.[2]

Political career[edit]

Political secretary to the Prime Minister[edit]

Falu began his career in politics as the political secretary to Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia.[4] He became a close companion to the Prime Minister, earning her trust.[5] Evidence of this closeness includes Falu being delegated important duties[5] and accompanying Khaleda Zia during her umrahs,[6] among others.


In light of Khaleda's two-way loyalty strategy[5] Falu was allowed to contest for the 2004 by-election of the Dhaka-10 constituency when BNP parliamentarian M A Mannan's defection to Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh meant that the seat was vacant (defection from a political party automatically results in the parliament seat to be vacated under Article 70 of the Constitution[7]). Falu won the elections, but the polls were considered to be sham by most observers,[8][9] and according to WikiLeaks, including the United States.[5]

He was sworn in hastily, only after 30 minutes of the release of the official gazette, raising questions.[10] It takes at least 6 hours to prepare for oath-taking after the release of a gazette, and swear-ins from other by-elections were held about a week after official results.[10]

Corruption charges[edit]

Following the resignation of Iajuddin Ahmed's caretaker government in January 2007 and the ascension of an army-backed caretaker government, Falu was among the first of many to be arrested on corruption charges - he was arrested on 5 February 2007.[2][4] Soon after his arrest, 15 spotted deers reared illegally were retrieved from Falu's retreat in Savar.[11]

Falu was found guilty on charges of relief embezzlement[12] on 2 June 2008, after spending over a year in prison. He was sentenced 5 years in prison and a fine of 5.35 lakh taka ($ 7,133) or a further one year.[12] The special court convened within parliament campus.[12]

While in jail, he was entitled to division by virtue of being a former parliamentarian. However, he lost division in December 2008 when he was found to have held a meeting with another politician, Islami Oikya Jote leader Mufti Shahidul Islam at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.[13] Previously, an iPod was confiscated from him. He was then sent to Kashimpur jail as a common prisoner. On 18 December 2008, the High Court ruled Falu's detention illegal and ordered bail.[14] He was released on 22 December.[14]

While on bail, Falu tried to make a trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with his family in February 2009, and was denied exit by the immigration police.[15]

In another lawsuit regarding the accumulation of wealth illegally and withholding information on assets, the Court halted grafts case[16] and asked the government to explain why the lawsuit should not be scrapped.[16]

He was granted anticipatory bail on another relief embezzlement charge in August 2010.[17]

Post-caretaker government[edit]

Mosaddek Ali Falu continued to be a close aide of Khaleda Zia after Zia and Falu were released from prison and the caretaker regime ended. He was selected into the advisory council, now consisting of 32 members,[18] following the Fifth National Council of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.[19][20][21]

It was rumored in late 2010 that Falu had submitted a resignation letter to exempt himself from the advisory council[18] soon after he was appointed. It is believed that clash with other influential party leaders and expectation of a more important post prompted the resignation.[18] Zia had neither received the resignation, nor had Falu withdrawn it. Although Falu denied sending any such letters, Falu was never seen active in politics since then.[18]


Falu is the managing director of the private Bengali language channel NTV since 2001, and the Chairman since 2003.[1] Among other businesses he also owns the Bengali language newspaper Amar Desh.[15]

He also is the chairman of a large private sector bank in the country. His industrial investments include a joint venture with China for manufacturing ceramics, steel fabrication manufacturing company, health care, and consumer products manufacturing company.[1]

Share scam[edit]

The probe committee of the 2011 share market scam in Bangladesh identified Mosaddek Ali Falu among the 20 individuals involved in masterminding the scam to their personal benefits;[22][23] specific evidences were available against Falu according to the report.[22] The probe committee found Falu, among others, to operate multiple omnibus accounts used perform the chicanery.[24] However, the Finance Minister AMA Muhith stated that the state would neither disclose the names of the accused officially nor take punitive measures without further investigation.[22]


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