Muhammad Bek Abu El Dahab Complex

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The Mosque of Abu Dahab
Al-Azhar 2006.jpg
Basic information
Location Egypt Cairo, Egypt
Affiliation Islam
Branch/tradition Sunni Islam
Country Egypt
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman architecture
Date established 1774
Minaret(s) 1

The Mosque of Abu Dahab is a mosque in Cairo, Egypt just beside Al Azhar Mosque. The mosque was built by the Amir Mohamed Beh Abu El Dahab, one of the leaders of Egypt during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It is located in Al Azhar Street, beside the main entrance of the Azhar Mosque and it is the fourth mosque in Egypt to be built according to the Ottoman style of architecture. It was originally built as a Madrasa to host the number of students that were coming to study in the Azhar University.


The mosque has a length of 33 meters from the South to the North and 24 meters from the East to the West. Above the praying area, there is the dome of the mosque which is a semi square with a length of each side of this square is 15 meters. It is considered as a hanging mosque since it was built above street level.