Mother's Brewing Company

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Mother's Brewing Company
LocationSpringfield, Missouri, USA
Annual production volume10,000 US beer barrels (12,000 hL) (2014)[1]
Owned byJeff and Lindsay Seifried
Active beers
Name Type
Towhead American Blonde
Three Blind Mice Brown ale
Lil’ Helper India Pale Ale
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Sandi Wheat Unfiltered Wheat
Winter Grind Coffee stout

Mother's Brewing Company is an independent microbrewery in the heart of downtown Springfield, Missouri, USA, brewing beer since 2011. The beers are currently distributed in the majority of Missouri, Arkansas, and the most eastern portion of Kansas.


Mother's Brewing Company was founded by Jeff Schrag, a Springfield entrepreneur and publisher.[2] The brewery was built in the former home of a Butternut bread bakery owned by Hostess Brands. The bakery was closed in 2009 when the company faced financial difficulties. Schrag purchased the building in 2010.[3] Demolition and renovations were completed by May 2011.[4] The company celebrated with a concert and festival that had over 2,700 in attendance.[5]

The brewery building currently houses all operations for Mother's. The brewhouse is capable of producing 30 US barrels, or 60 kegs, of beer in a single batch.[6]

The brewery building also includes a bar and events space called the Tasting Room. The Tasting Room is open to the public during limited hours and offers free samples of all the beers on tap. The Tasting Room also sells pints, Growlers, and Mother's merchandise. The room will also offer tours of the brewery on Saturdays. Tours are scheduled to start in July 2011, and will focus on the sensory experiences of brewing beer.[7][8]

On May 30, 2012, National Brewer's Association said Mother's was one of 250 craft breweries that opened in 2011, but of them all, Mother's was number one. The association went on to say Mother's had the best launch of any new brewery opening in the past five years.[9]

Specialty Beers[edit]

Name Original Release Date Availability Style ABV% IBU
Trop Top February 2018 Spring/Summer Seasonal A light-bodied pale ale with a bright tropical edge, Trop Top is a bottle of paradise by the dashboard lights. 6 40
Oktoberfest August 2011 Fall Seasonal Traditional amber lager, brewed to celebrate the fall harvest. Extended aging creates a medium bodied beer with a smooth malty flavor and just the faintest touch of hops. 5.5 20
Winter Grind October 2011-12 Winter Seasonal We’ve combined the rich goodness of a stout with our cold-brewed espresso blend, roasted for us by our coffee loving neighbors at the Mudhouse. The result is a wintery treat that’ll give coffee and beer lovers a reason to cheer! 6.0 18
Mr. Pumpkin 2012 Fall Seasonal Mr. Pumpkin is a mild mannered salesman by day, but a wild card at night. Enjoy out doors on cool fall nights, or when slaving over the stove making that holiday dinner for the in-laws. If pie can be for breakfast, well it certainly should work as beer. Plus you don’t have to worry about mastering your grandmother's piecrust recipe. Invite Mr. Pumpkin to your next dinner and the conversation will never end. 5.0 10
Imperial Three Blind Mice 00 March 2012 Mother's Others Atlas himself might get a bit wobbly trying to hold up this hefty lager. Mother's super Czech-style Pilsner is a medium- to full-bodied brew that makes a strong first impression. Under all that muscle lies a soft malt sweetness, balanced by a ton of Saaz hops. Feeling big and mighty? Build your triceps with every last sip. 8.5 58
MILF 2012 Mother's Others Brewed with cocoa nibs and raisins and then lovingly aged in rum, sherry, bourbon, brandy and whiskey barrels, this big beer takes on flavors from the spirit and wood of each barrel. The end result is a complex and elegant companion that's right for carefree nights of privilege and excess. 11.0 50
Doozy! 2013 Mother's Others Big and hoppy and pleasantly bitter, Doozy is a Double IPA crafted for hop lovers by hop lovers. At every stage of the brewing process, we saw another chance to add more coveted Citra hops. The result is a medium-bodied, deep-golden beer that's knock you back bold from start to finish. Did we mention the hops? 9.0 80
Foggy Notion 2013 Mother's Others Not quite English. Not quite American. Foggy Notion is a boozy, 100% Ozarks-born barley wine. Boatloads of malt give this full-bodied beauty a deep-copper color & light brown sugar flavor. Six months of aging nurtures hints of oak & stone fruit, making Foggy Notion perfect for sharing or sipping alone. 10.0 44
Rated R 2016 Mother's Others Imperial Wheat stout emboldened by the addition of Askinosie Honduras cocoa nibs, Burundi cold brew coffee from the Coffee Ethic, and vanilla beans that we cut open and scraped out. The result is complex, rich, and dry. 11.5 52



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