Mount Kermode

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Mount Kermode, originally Kermode Mountain,[1] 1091 m (3579 feet),[2] is a mountain located on the west side of Louise Island in the Haida Gwaii archipelago of British Columbia, Canada.[3] It is the highest mountain on Louise Island, the other named summit being Mount Carl.

Name origin[edit]

As per the official naming policy at BC Names, the name Kermode Mountain was changed to Mount Kermode, as the latter format indicates a summit named for a person. Here the name is not directly in reference to the Kermode bear, but to the then-curator of the Provincial Museum, Francis Kermode, who was appointed to that position in 1904, serving until 1940, and for whom the Kermode bear was named.[4]


Coordinates: 52°57′25″N 131°51′29″W / 52.95694°N 131.85806°W / 52.95694; -131.85806