Mount Koshka

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Coordinates: 44°24′13.80″N 33°59′37.84″E / 44.4038333°N 33.9938444°E / 44.4038333; 33.9938444

Mt. Koshka

Mount Koshka (Russian: Гора́ Ко́шка, Ukrainian: Гора́ Кі́шка, Crimean Tatar: Qoş qaya) is a mountain in the Crimean Mountains near the settlement of Simeiz within the Greater Yalta metropolitan area. The original name in the Crimean Tatar language means "double rock", while the Russian name means "cat", as the shape of the mountain resembles a sitting cat. The height is 254 metres.

Atop Koshka mountain is situated Simeiz observatory at the level of 360m above sea level at southern mountainside of the Crimean mountains.

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