Mount Moulton

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Mount Moulton
Aerial view of Mount Moulton from the south
Highest point
Elevation 3,078 m (10,098 ft)
Coordinates 76°03′S 135°08′W / 76.050°S 135.133°W / -76.050; -135.133
Location Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Parent range Flood Range
Mountain type Shield volcano (extinct)

Mount Moulton is a broad, ice-covered shield volcano standing 16 km (10 mi) E of Mount Berlin in the Flood Range, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

Discovered on aerial flights by the United States Antarctic Service in 1940, and named for Richard S. Moulton, chief dog driver at West Base and a member of the survey party which sledged to the western end of the Flood Range in December 1940.

Topographic map of Mounts Moulton and Berlin

On the northern slopes of Mount Moulton, there are steep icefalls, called the Moulton Icefalls.

The Prahl Crags are located on the southern slopes of Mount Moulton.