Mount Noel

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Mount Noel
Highest point
Elevation 2,541 m (8,337 ft)
Prominence 696 m (2,283 ft)
Coordinates 50°42′46.0″N 122°51′26.0″W / 50.712778°N 122.857222°W / 50.712778; -122.857222Coordinates: 50°42′46.0″N 122°51′26.0″W / 50.712778°N 122.857222°W / 50.712778; -122.857222
Location Bridge River Country, British Columbia, Canada
Topo map NTS 92J/10
Age of rock Miocene
Mountain type Complex volcano
Volcanic arc/belt Chilcotin Group
First ascent Unknown

Mount Noel is a Miocene volcanic complex in the Chilcotin Group in British Columbia, Canada, located 7 km (4 mi) southwest of Bralorne and north of a tributary of Noel Creek. It is 150 km (93 mi) east of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt and is made up of flat-lying, columnar-jointed basalt flows along with debris flows and minor pyroclastic rocks. Mount Noel is thought to have formed as a result of back-arc extension behind the Cascadia subduction zone.

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