Mount Overlord

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Mount Overlord
Aerial view of Mount Overlord from the southwest
Highest point
Elevation3,395 m (11,138 ft)
Coordinates73°10′S 164°36′E / 73.167°S 164.600°E / -73.167; 164.600Coordinates: 73°10′S 164°36′E / 73.167°S 164.600°E / -73.167; 164.600
LocationVictoria Land, Antarctica
Age of rock7,000,000 years
Mountain typeStratovolcano (extinct)
Last eruptionMiocene

Mount Overlord is a very large mountain which is an extinct stratovolcano, situated at the northwest limit of Deception Plateau, 50 miles inland from the Ross Sea and just east of the head of Aviator Glacier in Victoria Land. Its asymmetrical cone is on the edge of a plateau above Aviator Glacier. While most of the cone is ice-covered, Mount Overlord does have a 1.2-mile (.8 kilometer) diameter caldera. Volcanic rocks from the western slope have been dated to about seven million years, so the volcano is thought to be extinct. It was so named by the northern party of New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (NZGSAE), 1962–63, because it "overlords" lesser peaks in the area.

Topographic map of Mount Overlord (1:250,000 scale)

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