Hughes Range (Antarctica)

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Hughes Range is located in Antarctica
Hughes Range
Hughes Range
Hughes Range in Antarctica

The Hughes Range is a high massive north-south trending mountain range in Antarctica, surmounted by six prominent summits, of which Mount Kaplan (4,230 m) is the highest. The range is located east of Canyon Glacier in the Queen Maud Mountains and extends 72 km (45 mi) from the confluence of Brandau and Keltie glaciers in the south, to the Giovinco Ice Piedmont in the north.[1]

Discovered and photographed by Rear Admiral Byrd on the baselaying flight of November 18, 1929, and named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names on the recommendation of Byrd for Charles Evans Hughes, U.S. secretary of state, U.S. chief justice, and adviser/counselor of Byrd.[1]Coordinates: 84°30′S 175°30′E / 84.500°S 175.500°E / -84.500; 175.500

Key mountains[edit]


Geographical features include:


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