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Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland (MRCofS), also known as Scottish Mountain Rescue is the body which represents and coordinates mountain rescue teams in Scotland. It has 27 affiliated mountain rescue teams.

Scottish Mountain Rescue consists of 24 volunteer mountain rescue teams, 2 search and rescue dog associations (SARDA) with over 1000 volunteers, plus an additional 3 police teams, 2 RAF teams and Scottish Cave Rescue.[1]

The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland (MRCofS) was formed in 1965.[1] It is a registered charity (number SC015257).

In 2011 it received annual funding grant of £312,000 from the Scottish Government.[2] This is distributed between the teams, with the largest grant, £24,000 going to the Lochaber MRT.[3]

Increasingly, the organisation has seen demands for "non-mountain" rescue operations in response to events such as flooding, and searching for missing people. However, a reported split in the organisation in 2016 prompted by this was denied.[4]


Volunteer Mountain Rescue teams[edit]

Police teams[edit]

  • Police (Grampian) MRT
  • Police (Strathclyde) MRT
  • Police (Tayside) MRT

RAF teams[edit]

Search and rescue dog associations[edit]

  • SARDA (Scotland)
  • SARDA (Southern Scotland)

Cave rescue teams[edit]

  • Scottish Cave Rescue


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