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Red Cross Collie, Italy, 1909.
Austro-Hungarian sanitary dog in WWI, 1914.

A search-and-rescue dog is one trained to find missing people after a natural or man-made disaster. The dogs detect human scent[citation needed] and have been known to find people under water, under snow, and under collapsed buildings.[1]

A dog and handler search for survivors of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake.


Rescue dog waiting at actual disaster site (2014 Hiroshima landslides)

A cadaver dog searches for human remains at a plane crash site in Greenland.

A dog with aptitude for finding dead bodies or body parts, whether buried, hidden or submerged, may be called a "cadaver dog".[2] In Croatia such dogs have been used to find burial sites almost 3000 years old.[3] Police, death investigators and anthropologists may work closely with cadaver dogs and their handlers. [4]


Riley at World Trade Center post 9-11-2001 attack

Training of a search dog is usually begun when the dog is still a puppy.[5]


Numerous countries, cities and regions have search and rescue organizations using dog-and-handler teams that can be mobilized in an emergency or disaster. Here are a few organizations.

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