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Coordinates: 54°03′22″N 6°22′19″W / 54.05619°N 6.37194°W / 54.05619; -6.37194

Londonderry & Castlewellan Dundalk, Greenore & Newry RJD 123.jpg
Mountpleasant on a 1914 railway map
Location North Louth, County Louth
Platforms 1
Original company Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
Post-grouping Great Northern Railway (Ireland)
Key dates
1852 Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway completed to Drogheda
1965 Station Closed

Mountpleasant railway station (alternatively Mount Pleasant) was a railway station in County Louth, Ireland on the Belfast - Dublin Railway line, which closed in 1965.

The now demolished station was located in the Mountpleasant area of County Louth, north of Dundalk and close to Aghnaskeagh, Ravensdale, Currathir Bridge and Ballymakellelt. Although the station once comprised a Station House, Signal House, and platform, the disused structures were destroyed in the 1970s as a result of law-enforcement officials considering that they had been used to support Irish Republicans in the Northern Ireland Troubles.[1]

First known as Plaster railway station, the station was unusual in having only one platform and sat between Dundalk railway station, to the south, and Adavoyle railway station (which closed in 1933), to the North.[2] Between 1921 and 1965, when it closed, it was the closest railway station in the Republic of Ireland to the Northern Ireland frontier.


Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Dundalk   Great Northern Railway (Ireland)


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