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Mucky Foot Productions Limited
IndustryVideo game industry
PredecessorBullfrog Productions
FoundedJanuary 1997
DefunctNovember 2003
HeadquartersGuildford, England
Key people
Mike Diskett
Fin McGechie
Guy Simmons
Gary Carr
ProductsUrban Chaos
Startopia Edit this on Wikidata

Mucky Foot Productions Limited was a British video game developer, which existed from 1997 to 2003.


The Company was founded in 1997 in Guildford, United Kingdom by three ex-Bullfrog developers: Mike Diskett, Fin McGechie and Guy Simmons.[1] Another ex-Bullfrog stalwart, Gary Carr, joined as the fourth director shortly afterwards.

A worldwide publishing deal with the UK publisher Eidos was announced in October 1997. That announcement was also used to announce Muckyfoot's first game Urban Chaos. At this point the game was referred to by its earlier work in progress name of Dark City.[2]

Over their lifetime Mucky Foot went on to release two more titles: Startopia and Blade II.

Despite high initial expectations, the company closed its doors in late 2003.[3] This company closure saw six further games cease development while still only part produced like Bulletproof Monk, The Punisher, and Urban Chaos 2.[4]

After the company closed, their official website remained active. However, its content at closure was replaced with the developer's internal quote sheet.[5]

In May 2017 Mucky Foot's Mike Diskett released the source code of Urban Chaos under the MIT license on GitHub.[6]


Release date Titles Platform(s)
1999 Urban Chaos Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast
2001 Startopia Windows
2002 Blade II PlayStation 2, Xbox
Canceled Bulletproof Monk PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
The Punisher PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Urban Chaos 2 PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
ER Tycoon Windows
Skyships Unknown
Barbarian Unknown


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