Urban Chaos

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This article is about the action-adventure game. For the 2006 video game, see Urban Chaos: Riot Response.
Urban Chaos
Urban Chaos Coverart.png
North American PlayStation cover art
Developer(s) Mucky Foot Productions
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows
  • NA November 30, 1999
  • EU December 10, 1999
  • NA March 31, 2000
  • EU 2000
EU 20001006October 6, 2000
NA 20001113November 13, 2000
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Urban Chaos is the debut video game of English developer Mucky Foot Productions with its initial release in 1999 on Microsoft Windows. It was subsequently released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game was published by Eidos Interactive.


The game is an action-adventure game from a third-person perspective. It is set in largely free-roaming maps. It also utilized a rather complex fighting system incorporating kicks, punches, throws and sliding tackles as well as two melee weapons; knives and baseball bats. However, the player can also arrest enemies, which will make the populace more friendly towards them. Later on, an additional character is gained who is less agile, due to his age, but whose attacks do more damage. A Jamaican gang banger is also available in bonus missions.

The city maps, although small, do include indoor areas, people to talk to, fights to intervene in and even additional missions and completely different ways to achieve the player's goals that include assaults, hostage rescues, and stopping someone from committing suicide. There are 24 main levels, four bonus levels and a separate demo level which is not included in the full version of game.


The story begins with D'arci Stern, the protagonist, joining the Union City Police Department. Much of her time is spent dealing with the Wildcats, a gang that is getting increasingly bold in their criminal activity. With the help of a vigilante named Roper, D'arci begins to believe that the Wildcats plan to take over Union City. As the Wildcats grow ever bolder, D'arci discovers that the gang is led by Mack Bane, a candidate for mayor of Union City. Eventually, the Wildcats attempt a hostile takeover of the city, which is finally repelled by D'arci, Roper and the police.

Some time later, D'arci is investigating a particularly brutal murder. She discovers that the murder was committed by Bane's bodyguards, establishing a connection between Bane and the Wildcats. Soon after, he is arrested by D'arci and Roper in his out of town estate. Even from jail, Bane is able to direct the Wildcats, and D'arci and Roper are forced to deal with several more threats to the city. Later, Bane breaks out of jail and claims to be an Ancient Warlock. He uses his powers to summon a fire beast to destroy the city, but D'arci and Roper defeat it. Bane and the Wildcats flee to a sanctuary tower to fulfill a prophecy; before they can complete their ritual, D'arci and Roper use the tower's ventilation system to destroy Bane and the Wildcats.


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