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muf is a collaborative of artists, architects and urban designers based in London, England, specialising in the design of the urban public realm to facilitate appropriation by users.


muf were formed in 1994 when they were loaned office space for 6-months in Great Sutton Street, London. They were committed to working in the public realm, at the same time critiqueing the private realm (where 'care' and 'feeling' had been confined). muf were strong supporters of flexible working practices, which allowed childcare responsibilities and external teaching commitments to continue.[1] In 1995 muf consisted of two architects, Juliet Bidgood and Liza Fior and an artist, Katharine Clarke, in regular collaboration with urban theorist, Katharine Shonfield.[1]

Notable projects[edit]

Muf's Folly Wall in Barking Town Square


  • 2001 - Received the Art for Architecture Award for their Camden Arts Centre project.[4]
  • 2008 - Awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space for their town square project in Barking, a suburb of London.[5][6]


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