Muhammad Ahmad al-Mangoush

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Muhammad Ahmad al-Mangoush
محمد أحمد المنقوش
Prime Minister of Libya
In office
29 December 1997 – 1 March 2000
Preceded byAbdul Majid al-Qa′ud
Succeeded byImbarek Shamekh
Personal details
Born (1967-12-29) 29 December 1967 (age 51)

Muhammad Ahmad al-Mangoush (Arabic: محمد أحمد المنقوش‎) (born December 29, 1967) was General Secretary of the People's Committee in Libya (prime minister) from 29 December 1997 to 1 March 2000.

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Preceded by
Abdul Majid al-Qa′ud
General Secretary of the General People's Committee of Libya
December 29, 1997 – March 1, 2000
Succeeded by
Imbarek Shamekh