Muhammad Mahdi Salih

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Muhammad Mahdi Salih
Minister of Trade
In office
1987 – 9 April 2003
President Saddam Hussein
Preceded by Hassan Ali[1][2]
Succeeded by Mohammed Al-Jubouri (interim)[3]
Chief of the Presidential Office
In office
~1980s – 1987
President Saddam Hussein
Personal details
Born 1949
Rawa, Al-Anbar, Iraq
Nationality Iraqi
Political party Iraqi Ba'ath Party
Occupation Politician

Mohammad Mahdi Salih Al-Rawi (Arabic: محمد مهدي صالح الراوي‎) is an Iraqi politician who was Trade Minister in the government of President Saddam Hussein.[4]

Pre-War Career[edit]

Salih was born between 1947 and 1949 in Al Anbar Governorate in western Iraq.[5] He was the Chief of Saddam Hussein's Presidential Office in the mid-1980s and then became Minister of Trade from 1987 until the downfall of Hussein.[5] In October 1995, the United States listed al Salih as a Designated Individual under their programme of sanctions against Iraq.[6]

2003 Iraq War[edit]

Following the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States distributed a set of playing cards listing the "most wanted" members which included al-Saleh as the "six of hearts".[4] His assets were frozen under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 as a former official.[5] He was taken into custody by the US on 23 April 2003.[7] He was held by the US military at Camp Cropper, a base just outside Baghdad.[8] In July 2010, seven years after his capture, he was handed over to the custody of the Iraq government.[9]

In 2011 he was found innocent of charges against him and in March 2012 he was released by the Iraqi authorities and immediately left the country.[4]


Following the 2013 Al Anbar governorate election, Salih was rumoured to be a candidate supported by the Uniters List for the position of Governor of Anbar.[10][11] The Uniters List later denied the rumours.[12]


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