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The majority of the freeways and expressways in Ontario are 400-series highways; there are also some others which do not have that designation. The full list appears below.

The freeway network in Southern Ontario, including the 400-series highways (blue), provincial controlled-access freeways not designated as part of the 400-Series system (orange), and municipal expressways (purple)
Future extension and new freeway projects (red) in Ontario, including 400-series, non-400-series and municipal freeway plans.

Full freeways (complete controlled-access)[edit]

400-Series Highways[edit]

Other provincial freeways[edit]

The province also maintains freeways which are up to 400-series standards, yet are not numbered as part of the 400-series network. This is despite some of those freeways exceeding existing 400-series highways in size and traffic volume and despite some of them being connected to the 400-series network. Nonetheless, Ontario freeways do not receive a 400-series number unless they are designed to be complete controlled-access freeways for their whole length. The non 400-series routes listed below have significant open-access portions besides the freeway section, with the freeway segment typically being a small section not at the route's termini.

  • The Conestoga Parkway - Baden to St. Jacobs through Kitchener/Waterloo. It carries the designations Highway 7, Highway 8, and Highway 85. Highway 85's southern terminus is at the part where Highway 7 turns off of the freeway portion. Its northern terminus is at Waterloo Regional Road 15 (King Street North), whence it continues as Arthur Street, or Regional Road 85.
  • Highway 6 is a freeway in 2 segments:
    • Highway 403 to Clappison's Corners at Highway 5. This freeway is a newly completed, 2.5 km stretch north of Hamilton. Plans are to eventually continue this freeway north to Highway 401 at Guelph.
    • College Avenue to Paisley Rd. in Guelph, as part of the Hanlon Parkway. The rest of the Hanlon is an expressway with at-grade intersections. Plans are to eventually turn the entire length of the Hanlon into a freeway.
  • Highway 7 is a freeway in 3 segments, and a fourth segment is in planning:
  • Highway 8 - Highway 401 to the Conestoga Parkway in Kitchener. The freeway portion of Highway 8 in Kitchener is known as the "Freeport Diversion" or the "King Street Bypass" or, by many area residents, as "the Highway 8 Expressway". In 1987, the Freeport Diversion was extended to Highway 401; this extension carried the unsigned designation of Highway 7187 until 2011 when it was designated part of Highway 8. Before 1987, traffic continued on King Street East, an undivided 4-lane arterial road to an interchange with Highway 401. Highway 8 is also a freeway co-signed with Highway 7 on the Conestoga Parkway from King Street to Baden.
  • Highway 11 is a freeway in several segments. (Many of the non-freeway segments from Highway 400 to Sudbury are expressways, with a speed limit of 90 or 80 km/h. These expressways have few at-grade intersctions, and mostly use RIRO ramps to connect to intersecting roads.)
  • Highway 17 is a freeway in 2 segments:
    • In Sudbury, from Municipal Road 55 in Whitefish to MR 55 in Lively.
    • The Whitefish to Lively section transitions to a two-lane freeway from Lively to MR 55 west of Coniston. This two-lane segment briefly transitions back to a divided freeway at the Highway 69 interchange, to ease future freeway conversion on the segment; the Ontario government has announced that the segment will be upgraded to full freeway in the early 2010s. These segments may be incorporated into a future expansion of Highway 417. Additionally, the expressway portion of Highway 17 near Sault Ste. Marie could also be upgraded into a full freeway in the future, but currently contains at-grade intersections.
  • Highway 35/Highway 115 is a freeway in 3 segments:
    • Highway 401 at Newcastle to Concession Rd. 3;
    • Concession Rd. 4 to Concession Rd. 8;
    • Wilcox Rd. to Highway 7 in Peterborough.
  • Highway 58 - Thorold (from 406 to Thorold Stone Rd. only) (segment expected to incorporate into medium-term Highway 420 plans)
  • Highway 85 (see Conestoga Parkway above)
  • Highway 137 - Connection to Interstate 81 in Ivy Lea (from Thousand Islands Parkway to Highway 401 only).

Municipal expressways/freeways[edit]

These include both municipal-constructed freeways and former provincial freeways downloaded to municipalities.

Two-lane freeways[edit]


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