Murder Rap

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"Murder Rap"
Single by Above the Law
from the album Livin' Like Hustlers
Released February 8, 1990[1]
Format 12-inch single, CD single
Recorded 1989
Genre West Coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop, G-funk, gangsta rap
Length 4:14
Label Ruthless Records, Epic Records
Songwriter(s) Cold 187um, Dr. Dre, Go Mack, Laylaw, Total Kaos[2]
Producer(s) Dr. Dre, Eazy-E & Laylaw
Above the Law singles chronology
"Murder Rap"
"Murder Rap"

Murder Rap is a song by American gangsta rap group Above the Law, released as a single on February 8, 1990.[1] It was written by Cold 187um, Dr. Dre, Go Mack, Laylaw and Total Kaos.[2]

Music and lyrics[edit]

The music of "Murder Rap", as produced by Dr. Dre, consists of an ominous siren sound, and backwards, looped drum beats.[3] Allmusic's Alex Henderson says that the song's lyrics "let listeners know exactly what life in South Central was like."[4]


In his Allmusic review, Alex Henderson wrote that "The imaginative Dre's input as a producer is consistently beneficial", saying that the music "comes alive" as a result of Dr. Dre's input.[4] Regarding Above the Law's lyrical content, Henderson wrote, "the Angelenos had some freshness."[4] A review of the song by Frank Owen in Spin praised Dr. Dre's production, saying that the producer "has a remarkable talent for making noise funky, and he shows it to great effect".[5] However, Owen criticized Above the Law as lyricists, writing, "they present this hardcore life without any of the dandy charm that Big Daddy Kane or Oran 'Juice' Jones bring to it."[5] Vibe praised the song as "a breathtaking assembly", complimenting the music and Cold 187um's raps.[3]


In 1998, the song was included on the compilation Ruthless Records Tenth Anniversary: Decade of Game.[2] In 2002, Insane Clown Posse released a cover of the song on their album The Wraith: Shangri-La.[6] This version of the song appeared as the B-side of ICP's single "Hell's Forecast". In 2006, ICP's cover was remixed for The Wraith: Remix Albums by Filthee Immigrants.[6] Insane Clown Posse's cover of the song led to a professional relationship between ICP and Cold 187um, and he later signed to Psychopathic Records as a solo rapper.[7]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Murder Rap"
  2. "Murder Rap" (Instrumental)
  3. "Another Execution"
  4. "Another Execution" (Instrumental)


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