Muriel Robin

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Muriel Robin
Muriel Robin par Francis Hannaway 2016.jpg
Robin in Basankusu in 2016
Born (1955-08-02) 2 August 1955 (age 67)
Occupation(s)Actress, comedian
Years active1981–present

Muriel Robin (born 2 August 1955) is a French actress and comedian. She won an International Emmy Award for Best Actress in 2007 and received a nomination for a César Award in 2001 and six nominations for a Molière Award.

Early years[edit]

Muriel Robin is the youngest of three children of Antoine Robin and Aimée Rimbaud, who owned shoe-shops in Montbrison. She had two sisters,[1] Nydia and Martine. In 1960, the family moved to Saint-Étienne. When she was very young, she liked to make people laugh and dreamed of becoming a singer. After a lacklustre school career and a love of parties, she ended up failing her Baccalaureate twice in a row. Unsure of which career to follow, she started to sell shoes in one of the family's three shops, without being really motivated.

In 1977, aged 22, she left Saint-Étienne for Paris, taking a course in dramatic arts at Cours Florent, the entry college for the National Superior Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, in Paris. She graduated and returned to sell shoes in Saint-Étienne

The 1980s[edit]

In 1981, she joined Roger Louret, whom she had met in Paris, in Monclar, with his theatre company, Les Baladins en Agenais. Notable people that she met there include Elie Semoun and Annie Grégorio. In 1983, she returned to Paris with Annie Grégorio to work at the Petit Théâtre de Bouvard., where she also met Didier Bénureau. She came up against the authoritarian methods of Philippe Bouvard, but, even so, he gave her a part in a play he had written, Double Foyer. Following that, she played in a role co-written with Didier Bénureau, Maman ou Donne-moi ton linge, je fais une machine, (Mother, or, Give me your laundry, I am washing a load), in 1986, in Avignon, and in 1987 in Paris, at the Théâtre de Dix heures. The play was later shown in Monclar at the Théâtre de Poche. She became known to the wider public, towards the end of the 1980s through a television programme called La Classe, broadcast by FR3 (which became France 3). Muriel Robin met and became good friends with Pierre Palmade. They created her first one-woman-show together, Les majorettes se cachent pour mourir, in 1988, directed by Roger Louret. This programme was a success and pushed Robin into the limelight.

The 1990s[edit]

During the 1990s, Robin appeared in plays including Tout m’Enerve, Bedos-Robin a collaboration with Roger Louret, Feu la Ma La Mère, and On Purge Bébé. She also presented on radio, on Europe 1, with her programme, Tout Robin. In 1997, she obtained her first role in cinema, replacing Valérie Lemercier in Les Couloirs du temps : Les Visiteurs 2 by Jean-Marie Poiré. The same year she wrote and directed with Pierre Palmade in the play, Ils s'aiment,(They Love Each Other) played by Pierre Palmade and Michèle Laroque, which was a success and received a nomination for the Molière for the Best One-Man-Show or Sketch Show.

The 2000s[edit]

In May, 2000, she announced that she would finish with the genre of the one-woman-show and concentrate on her profession as a comedian, but also that year, took her first big role in cinema in the eponymous role of Marie-Line, by Medhi Charef. Other roles on stage and screen followed, in the following years.

Support for charity[edit]

Between 1992 and 2007, Muriel Robin was active in supporting concerts by the Enfoirés given for "the Restos du Cœur" created by Coluche and of which she became a sponsor until 2007. In 2001 she became equally involved with the journalist Marine Jacquemin in "La Chaine de l’Espoir" (The Chain of Hope) organised by the French Medical Institute for "L'Enfant de Kaboul" (The child of Kabul), in Afghanistan. This hospital opened in 2005.

In 2022 French actors cut their hair in support of women in Iran. The protesters included Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche, as well as Isabelle Adjani, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin and Muriel Robin.[2]


Year Title Author Director Notes
1986 Maman ou donne-moi ton linge, je fais une machine Muriel Robin & Didier Bénureau Roger Louret
1988 Les majorettes se cachent pour mourir Muriel Robin & Pierre Palmade Roger Louret Nominated - Molière Award for Best Newcomer Comedian
1989 Un point c'est tout Muriel Robin Roger Louret Nominated - Molière Award for Best One Man Show
1990 Tout m'énerve Muriel Robin & Pierre Palmade Roger Louret Nominated - Molière Award for Best One Man Show
1992 Bedos/Robin Muriel Robin & Guy Bedos Roger Louret
1994 On purge bébé & Feu la mère de Madame Georges Feydeau Bernard Murat
1996 Tout Robin Muriel Robin Roger Louret Nominated - Molière Award for Best One Man Show
Ils s'aiment Muriel Robin & Pierre Palmade Muriel Robin
1998 Toute Seule comme une grande Muriel Robin Roger Louret Nominated - Molière Award for Best One Man Show
2001 Ils se sont aimés Muriel Robin & Pierre Palmade Muriel Robin
2002 La Griffe Claude d'Anna & Laure Bonin Annick Blancheteau Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress
2005 Au secours ! Muriel Robin Roger Louret
2007-08 Fugueuses Christophe Duthuron & Pierre Palmade Christophe Duthuron
2009 Les Diablogues Roland Dubillard [es; fr; gl; ht; no] Jean-Michel Ribes
2012 Tranches de Vies Élie Semoun Muriel Robin
2013 Robin revient, tsoin, tsoin Muriel Robin Muriel Robin Nominated - Globes de Cristal Award for Best One Man Show
2015 Momo Sébastien Thiéry Ladislas Chollat Nominated - Molière Award for Best Actress


Year Title Role Director Notes
1985 Urgence Gilles Béhat
Vive la mariée The innkeeper Jean Valère TV movie
1986 Le bonheur a encore frappé TV presenter Jean-Luc Trotignon
1988 La passerelle The Guardian Jean-Claude Sussfeld
Bonjour l'angoisse Mademoiselle Champion Pierre Tchernia
1990 Après après-demain The supervisor of the supermarket Gérard Frot-Coutaz
1998 The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time Frénégonde de Pouille / Béatrice de Montmirail Jean-Marie Poiré
1999 Doggy Bag Mama San Frédéric Comtet
2000 Marie-Line Marie-Line Mehdi Charef Nominated - César Award for Best Actress
2001 Bécassine - Le trésor viking Bécassine's voice Philippe Vidal
2005 Saint-Jacques... La Mecque Clara Coline Serreau
2006 The Poisoner Marie Besnard Christian Faure International Emmy Award for Best Actress
2008 Fugueuses Margot Christophe Duthuron TV movie
Musée haut, musée bas Dame Kandinsky Jean-Michel Ribes
2009 The Ball of the Actresses Herself Maïwenn
Mourir d'aimer Gabrielle Delorme Josée Dayan TV movie
Folie douce Juliette Monceau Josée Dayan (2) TV movie
2010 Ni reprise, ni échangée Juliette Josée Dayan (3) TV movie
2011 Hollywoo Michèle Frédéric Berthe & Pascal Serieis
On ne choisit pas sa famille Kim Christian Clavier
2012 Le paradis des bêtes Stéphane Durand Estelle Larrivaz
Passage du Désir Lola Jost Jérôme Foulon TV movie
2013 Le clan des Lanzac Anne Lanzac Josée Dayan (4) TV movie
Y'a pas d'âge Brigitte Gompard Stéphane Marelli TV series (1 episode)
Indiscrétions Clémence Lacombe Josée Dayan (5) TV movie
2014 Entre vents et marées Cécile Josée Dayan (6) TV movie
2016 Sophie's Misfortunes Madame Fichini Christophe Honoré
Capitaine Marleau Garance Thibaut Josée Dayan (7) TV series (1 episode)
2020 Call My Agent! herself Marc Fitoussi TV series (1 episode)


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