Mursal Dam

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Mursal Dam
Location Sivas, Turkey
Coordinates 39°08′36″N 37°58′53″E / 39.1433°N 37.9815°E / 39.1433; 37.9815Coordinates: 39°08′36″N 37°58′53″E / 39.1433°N 37.9815°E / 39.1433; 37.9815
Construction began 1986
Opening date 1992
Dam and spillways
Height 59 meters
Surface area 1 km²

Mursal Dam is an irrigation and industrial water dam in Sivas, Turkey.[1] The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works. The dam was initiated in 1986 and completed in 1992.[1] The Mursal dam is constructed of earth and rockfill.[1] The plant is hydroelectric.[1]

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