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Editor Nosirjon Toshmatov
Categories Humor magazine
Circulation 22,000
Publisher Sharq Publishing House
Founder Abdulla Qodiriy
Year founded 1923
First issue 18 February 1923
Company Sharq
Country Uzbekistan
Based in Tashkent
Website Website

Mushtum (fist in Uzbek) is an Uzbek satire and humor magazine published since 1923.[1] It was founded by Abdulla Qodiriy. In 1927, the magazine began to cooperate with the Krokodil, a similar Russian magazine.[1] Mushtum has been a starting point and an aegis of many Uzbek authors, including Abdulla Qahhor, G'afur G'ulom, Said Ahmad, Asqad Muxtor and Mirmuhsin.

During the Soviet era, Mushtum was published by printing house of the Central Committee. Since the Soviet dissolution, the magazine has been published by Sharq Publishing House.


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