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The Muslim Bosniak Organisation (Bosnian: Muslimanska bošnjačka organizacija, MBO) was a political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The party contested the 1990 general elections, receiving 1.2% of the national vote and winning two seats.[1] In the 1996 elections it joined the "Joint List" alliance alongside the Social Democratic Party, the Union of Social Democrats, the Croatian Peasant Party and the Republican Party.[2] The Joint List put forward Sead Avdić as its candidate for Bosniak member of the Presidency, but he finished fourth with just 0.9% of the vote. Its candidate for the Croat member, Ivo Komšić, finished second, but far behind winning candidate Krešimir Zubak. In the House of Representatives the list received 4.4% of the vote and won two seats in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 1.3% of the vote and no seats in Republika Srpska.

The party did not contest any further elections.[3]


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