N6 road (Luxembourg)

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Nationalstrooss 6
Major junctions
West end: N51 at Luxembourg City
East end: N4 at Belgian border
Highway system
Motorways in Luxembourg

The N6 is a road in Luxembourg. It connects Luxembourg City, at its eastern end, to the Belgian border. At the border, it connects to the Belgian N4, which leads to Arlon, Namur, Wavre, and Brussels. It is also known by the name of Route d'Arlon, due to the primary destination from Luxembourg City.

At its eastern end, the N6 meets the N51 (Boulevard de la Foire), on the edge of the Ville Haute quarter of Luxembourg City. On its way out of the city, the road passes Stade Josy Barthel, the country's national stadium, and the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital, the country's main maternity hospital. On the outskirts of the city, the N6 meets the A6 motorway.

Once outside the city, the road passes through Strassen. The road proceeds to pass the Lycée Technique Josy Barthel at Mamer, before making another junction with the A6. Continuing westwards, the N6 runs through the towns of Capellen and Windhof, before reaching Steinfort, on the border with Belgium, whereupon it meets the Belgian N4.