Ville Haute

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Ville-Haute, in central Luxembourg City.

Ville Haute (Luxembourgish: Uewerstad, German: Oberstadt) is a quarter in central Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

In 2001, the quarter had a population of 2,686 people.

It is the historical center of Luxembourg City and is involved in its UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Gëlle Fra Monument, Constitution Square

Ville Haute is home to prestigious places, buildings and monuments such as Place Guillaume II, Place d'Armes, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Grand Ducal Palace. The Gëlle Fra Monument of Remembrance war memorial is situated in Constitution Square.

Coordinates: 49°36′43″N 6°07′44″E / 49.612°N 6.129°E / 49.612; 6.129