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SEWP is a United States governmentwide acquisition contract (GWAC)[1] authorized by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

All Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense (DOD), and government contractors are able to purchase IT equipment and services from SEWP-authorized resellers (known as "Contract Holders").[2] In Fiscal Year 2009, more than 70 federal agencies purchased IT solutions through the contract vehicle.[3] As of 2018, 87 cabinet-level agencies and commissions have used SEWP.

Washington Technology[4] rated NASA SEWP as one of nine contracts in the Federal Government which have "changed how the government buys technology". The article declares SEWP to be the "Gold Standard" in customer service[5] and mentioned that SEWP assists industry as well as government users to ensure that the acquisition process flows smoothly.

Role in Federal Procurement[edit]

SEWP's mission is to provide federal agencies with a streamlined process for purchasing technologies and solutions that are critical to their missions.[6] SEWP's mascot is a rubber duck floating in a bowl of soup, representing the organization's intention to make procurement "as easy as duck soup".[7]


The SEWP acronym originally (1993) referred to "Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement". In 2007, the full name was changed to "Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement",[8] pronounced 'soup',[3] which allowed the same acronym to be maintained.[2] NASA SEWP provides a wide array of Information Technology (IT) products as well as product related services such as installation, implementation, warranty and maintenance, etc. In 2010, the contract offered more than 1.3 million products from more than 3000 manufacturers.[3]

NASA SEWP was the first GWAC in the Federal Acquisition arena and the original contract was awarded in 1993. SEWP II was award in 1996, SEWP III in 2001, SEWP IV in May 2007 [9] and SEWP V in May 2015.[2]

Initially (1993) the contract provided technical and engineering related IT products but associated services were not included. As IT and the contracts evolved, firm fixed-price services became available through the contracts. Thus, the acronym definition was changed in 2007 to Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement.


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