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NBRC-CSE (National Board for Respiratory Care Clinical Simulation Examination) is an examination for the advanced credentialing of respiratory therapists in the United States.

Administration and maintenance[edit]

The NBRC-CSE is developed and owned by the National Board for Respiratory Care. The examination is administered by PSI.

Registry Examination System[edit]

The Registry Examination System was developed to objectively measure essential knowledge, skills, and abilities required of advanced respiratory therapists, and to set uniform standards for measuring such knowledge.

Exam content[edit]

The Clinical Simulation Examination (CSE) currently consists of 22 separate patient management problems. The clinical setting and patient situation for each problem are designed to simulate reality and be relevant to the clinical practice of respiratory care. Candidates are given four hours to complete the NBRC-CSE.[1]


The NBRC-CSE examination costs $200 USD plus a $50 application processing fee. The examination is administered by PSI.

Post-nominal identification[edit]

Those who are actively certified as a registered respiratory therapist by passing the NBRC-WRE and NBRC-CSE are permitted to use the post-nominal letters "RRT".

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