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neb may refer to:

NEB may refer to:

  • Pseudonym of a well-known Spanish architect from Granada city.
  • Nose in Everyone's Business, a Busybody or Gossip
  • National Enterprise Board, former government body set up in the United Kingdom in 1975 to implement the Wilson Labour government's objective of extending public ownership of industry
  • National Energy Board, a Canadian independent federal agency which regulates the oil, gas and electric utility industries.
  • National Ethics Bureau
  • Nebulin, a large protein found in muscles
  • New England Biolabs, U.S. corporation, produces and supplies reagents for the life science industry
  • New English Bible, a fresh translation of the Bible into modern English directly from the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts (with some Latin in the Apocrypha)
  • North Equatorial belt, a Cloud pattern on Jupiter
  • Nuclear Energy Board (1973-1992), established in Ireland on November 30, 1973 by the Nuclear Energy (An Bord Fuinnimh Núicléigh) Act, 1971
  • Noise Equivalent Bandwidth, a measure of the bandwidth of an electrical filter equivalent to a 'brick wall' filter with infinite attenuation in its stop band.
  • Nudged Elastic Band, a way of exploring reaction paths in computational chemistry.
  • N-Ethylbuphedrone, a stimulant.


  • Neb (or Nebuchadnezzar), a character in the novel Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques
  • Neb (or Nebuchadnezzar), a character in English translations of the novel Mysterious Island by Jules Verne (in the original French the names are Nab and Nabuchadnasar)
  • Neb (or Nebuchadnezzar),the name of the ship the main character pilot through Zion, in the film trilogy of 'The Matrix'.


  • River Neb (Awin Neb in Manx), one of the principal rivers on the Isle of Man
  • Neb, a small micronation that has oceanic claims to underwater mountains and the Bir Tawil area between Egypt and Sudan