Nacionalna Liga Srbije

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Serbian National League
Sport American football
Founded 2003 (then in  Serbia and Montenegro)
Inaugural season 2004
No. of teams 18
Country  Serbia
Most recent
Wild Boars (7th title)
Most titles Belgrade Vukovi (8 titles)
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The Nacionalna Liga Srbije (NLS) (Serbian National League) was a league of American football in Serbia.

League history[edit]

League 2004[edit]

The national league was founded 26 October 2003. First league game in Serbia was played in 2004 and 5 teams competed that year. Those teams were: Belgrade Vukovi, Kragujevac Wild Boars, Niš Steeds, Pančevo Panthers and Sirmium Legionaries. This league was played without necessary equipment, pads and helmets.

Final game was played on November, 7th, 2004. in Kragujevac on Čika Dača football field, where home team Kragujevac Wild Boars defeated Belgrade Vukovi 21-6.

National Cup 2005[edit]

Instead of a league in 2005, there was a cup held in Serbia. It was the first, and for now the only official cup played in this country. Ten teams took part in this competition. Those teams were: Belgrade Vukovi, Kragujevac Wild Boars, Sirmium Legionaries, Novi Sad Dukes, Kraljevo Royal Crowns, Pančevo Panthers, Belgrade Blue Dragons, Niš Steeds, Požarevac Outlaws, Čačak Mad Dogs.

Final game was played in Belgrade on FK Obilić field on Jun, 19th 2005. and this time Vukovi defeated Wild Boars, 20-7.

This cup was also played without pads and helmets.

League 2006[edit]

Four teams got football equipment in 2006, and started South-Eastern League of American football, aka CEFL. Those teams were Vukovi, Wild Boars, Legionaries and Dukes.

But, unofficial league without pad and helmets was also played in Serbia. The popularity of American football was rapidly increasing in Serbia by this time. 11 Team took part in this league, they were divided into two divisions North and South.

1. Klek Knights
2. Pančevo Panthers
3. Sombor Celtis
4. Šabac Sharks
5. Kula Hunters

1. Kraljevo Royal Crowns
2. Požarevac Outlaws
3. Električar
4. Smederevo Bedemi
5. Obrenovac Nebeski Gromovi
6. Jagodina Strawberry Celts

Klek Knights defeated Kraljevo Royal Crowns 16-7, in the final game that was played in Vršac on October 15, 2006.

National League 2007[edit]

After one year when teams from CEFL did not play domestic league, in 2007 every team took part. From 2007 there was a domestic competition with equipment. There was three competitions this year:

National Competition 07 which was made from teams that played domestic league in 2006, and new teams. It was played with equipment, and teams were divided in two divisions:

Division A:
Belgrade Blue Dragons
Sirmium Legionaries
Klek Knights
Pančevo Panthers

Division B:
Vrbas Hunters
Belgrade Vukovi
Požarevac Outlaws
Obrenovac Sky Thunders

The final game was played on October 7, in Inđija where Klek Knights defeated Belgrade Blue Dragons, 21-14. These two teams played against two best CEFL teams in National Championship for the domestic title in 2007.

National Championship 07

There were three games played in National Championship, and two teams from National Competition played against two CEFL teams.

Klek Knights - Novi Sad Dukes 10:17
Vukovi Beograd - Beograd Blue Dragons 27:21

Vukovi Beograd - Novi Sad Dukes 25:15
This game was played in Belgrade on November, 4th 2007.

SAFS League

This was the third league in Serbia in 2007. This was the league without necessary equipment. Seven teams made it, and they were divided into two divisions:

Šabac Sharks
Inđija Indians
Smederevo Bedemi

Čačak Angel Warriors
Niš Imperatori
Mladenovac Forestlanders
Jagodina Ćurani

Final game was played in Klek on September 29, and Čačak Angel Warriors defeated Niš Imperatori, by a large margin 42:6.

Serbian National League (NLS)[edit]

This year every team from Serbia plays every one or two weeks. Teams are divided into three divisions.


The top 2 teams after regular Season go to semi-final of 2008 Playoffs. The third, fourth and fifth team go to playoffs and play from quarter finals. The 4th and 5th team play against each other in quarterfinal. The third team waits for the best team in South and North divisions in quarterfinals.

The seventh team in Center plays against B2 for the spot in Center group in the next season. Eight team plays in North or South next year.

The first team from North division plays against second team in South, and first in South plays against second in North. The winner (B1) of this mini-playoff goes directly to Center next year and plays against C3 in playoffs. The losing team (B2) plays against C7 for the remaining spot in Center division in the next season.

NLS 2008[edit]

Final Standings[edit]

Regular season[edit]

NLS Center
Novi Sad Dukes
Kragujevac Wild Boars
Pancevo Panthers
Klek Knights
Belgrade Vukovi
Belgrade Blue Dragons
Vrbas Hunters won Play out vs Angel Warriors
Vršac relegated

NLS North
Inđija Indians
Požarevac Outlaws
Šabac Sharks
Novi Kneževac Grofovi
Obrenovac Sky Thunders

NLS South
Kraljevo Royal Crowns promoted
Čačak Angel Warriors
Niš Imperatori
Jagodina Strawberry Celts
Mladenovac Forestlanders


Pančevo Panthers - Kraljevo Royal Crowns 35:6
Vukovi Beograd - Klek Knights 23:14

Kragujevac Wild Boars - Pančevo Panthers 34:28
Novi Sad Dukes - Vukovi Beograd 29:33

Play out[edit]

Vrbas Hunters - Čačak Angel Warriors 34:16

Vrbas Hunters with the win over Angel Warriors remain in the Central division in the Season 2009.

Serbian Bowl 2008[edit]

Final game was played on July, 20th 2008. Kragujevac Wild Boars won the National title against Vukovi Belgrade in Kragujevac. Final score was 39-33 for the Wild Boars.

The game was broadcast on TV SportKlub in Serbia.

Serbian Pro Bowl[edit]


Serbian Probowl was introduced in 2008 Season.

It host best players from North and South divisions. These two teams play each other in the Probowl game.


Year Winner Loser Result
2008 - Kragujevac North South 21 - 12

Serbian Bowls[edit]

# Year Champion Opponent Result
I 2004 - SAFS League Kragujevac Wild Boars Belgrade Vukovi 21–6
2005 - Serbian Cup Belgrade Vukovi Kragujevac Wild Boars 20–6
2006 - SAFS League Klek Knights Kraljevo Royal Crowns 16–7
II 2006 - SELAF League Kragujevac Wild Boars Belgrade Vukovi 23–12
III 2007 - SAFS League Belgrade Vukovi Novi Sad Dukes 25–15
IV 2008 - SAFS League Kragujevac Wild Boars Belgrade Vukovi 39–33
V 2009 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Novi Sad Dukes 46–0
5 2009 - SAFS League Kragujevac Wild Boars Belgrade Blue Dragons 67–33
VI 2010 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Novi Sad Dukes 40–2
6 2010 - SAFS League Kragujevac Wild Boars Čačak Angel Warriors 69–26[1]
VII 2011 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Kragujevac Wild Boars 51–36
VIII 2012 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Kragujevac Wild Boars 35–24
IX 2013 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Kragujevac Wild Boars 42–0
X 2014 - SAAF League Belgrade Vukovi Kragujevac Wild Boars 27–17
XI 2015 - SAAF League Novi Sad Dukes Belgrade Vukovi 25–23
XII 2016 - SAAF League Kragujevac Wild Boars Belgrade Vukovi 53–29[2]
XIII 2017 - SAAF League Kragujevac Wild Boars Novi Sad Dukes 24–16[3]



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