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Nada Surf discography
Studio albums 7
EPs 2
Singles 13

The discography of Nada Surf, a New York-based alternative rock group, consists of seven studio albums, thirteen singles and one extended play (EP). Nada Surf was formed in 1992 and consists of Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Daniel Lorca (bass, backup vocals), Ira Elliot (drums, backup vocals), and Doug Gillard (lead guitar).


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions

1996 High/Low 63 36 37 31
1998 The Proximity Effect
  • Released: September 22, 1998
  • Labels: Elektra (Europe), MarDev Records (2000)
  • Formats: CD, CS, LP
2002 Let Go
  • Released: October 15, 2002
  • Labels: EMI, Barsuk (2003)
  • Formats: CD, 2-LP
31 32
2005 The Weight Is a Gift 167 15 47 59
2008 Lucky 82 8 97 41 98 39 193
2010 If I Had a Hi-Fi
  • Released: June 8, 2010
  • Label: Mardev Records
  • Formats: CD, 2-LP
153 86
2012 The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
  • Released: January 18, 2012 (Japan)
    January 23, 2012 (UK/EU)
    January 24, 2012 (US)
  • Label: Barsuk Records
  • Formats: CD, LP
86 13 46 86 42 190
2016 You Know Who You Are
  • Released: March 4, 2016 (US)
  • Label: Barsuk Records
  • Formats: CD, LP
14 51 118 61 46

Extended plays[edit]

Year Title Label/Type
1995 Karmic (EP) No.6 Records - CD +++ 2007 reissue on Hi-Speed Soul Records - digital/CD/12" incl. bonus track
2006 All You Need Is Love (radio only EP) Barsuk Records - digital/promo CD
2008 The MySpace Transmissions (EP) MySpace Records/Barsuk Records - digital/CD Ltd.

Other records[edit]

Type Year Title Label Info
CD 1999 North 6th Street Noneties Music compilation of demos, 7" versions and French versions of early songs - available only at shows & on
CD 2004 Live in Brussels Labels/EMI France full concert recorded in house at l'Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 2003-03-31
DVD 2004 Live aux Eurockéennes de Belfort Labels/EMI France full concert filmed at Eurockéennes de Belfort festival, France, 2003-07-06
Vinyl 2008 Vinyl Box Set 1994-2008 Barsuk/City Slang first 5 studio albums on 12" vinyl (High/Low only here!) plus repressing of debut 7" single, 24 pages 12" booklet incl. all lyrics, mp3-download code for 16 rare b-sides - limited edition of 1000 copies
Digital 2014 B-Sides Barsuk A compilation of digital rarities, which includes tracks that had previously only been available on limited-edition CDs, including a few [...] covers and tracks that were previously unreleased in the US.[12]
CD/Vinyl/Digital 2016 Peaceful ghosts City Slang An album of the band performing with the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra (Vienna) and the Babelsberg Film Orchestra (Berlin)


List of singles, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Album

"Popular" 1996 51 11 43 21 10 54 13 123 High/Low
"Deeper Well"
"Why Are You So Mean to Me?" 1998 The Proximity Effect
"The Way You Wear Your Head" 2002 142 Let Go
"Inside of Love" 85 73
"Hi-Speed Soul" 2003 87
"L'Aventurier" 86
"Always Love" 2005 57 The Weight Is a Gift
"Imaginary Friends"
"See These Bones" 2007 Lucky
"Electrocution" 2010 65 If I Had a Hifi
"Waiting for Something" 2012 The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
"Cold to See Clear" 2016 You Know Who You Are
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

Other releases[edit]

* All are non-album versions of each song

Films, games, TV programs and adverts soundtracks[edit]

  • Nada Surf have been featured several times in the television series One Tree Hill:
    • "Inside of Love" was played in season 1 episode 13.
    • "Always Love" was played in season 3 episode 3.
    • The band make a guest appearance on season 3 episode 11 playing "Concrete Bed" in concert as Peyton (Hilarie Burton) is trying to convince their band manager to agree to be a part of the benefit CD which is later named as "Friends with Benefit".
    • "See These Bones", "Here Goes Something", "I Like What You Say" and "The Film Did Not Go 'Round" appeared in season 5 episode 10.
    • "Are You Lightning?" was used in season 6 episode 17, which had Matthew Caws as a guest composer for the episode score.
  • Nada Surf performed the "Kitty Cat Song" used as the theme tune for the Catz 2006 PC game, officially titled "Meow Meow Lullaby Remix". The song was written by Matthew Caws, Ira Elliot and Daniel Lorca, with additional vocals from Lianne Smith.
  • Nada Surf covered The Beatles' classic "All You Need is Love" in 2006. The cover was featured in a Chase Credit Card television commercial in the U.S.
  • The song "Blonde on Blonde" from Let Go is featured during the opening and end credits to the 2004 coming of age German film Sommersturm (Summer Storm). "Blonde on Blonde" is also featured in the 2004 John Travolta film, A Love Song for Bobby Long, and in the television series Six Feet Under.
  • "What is Your Secret" from The Weight Is a Gift, was featured in "A New Light", episode 3 of the ABC series Six Degrees.
  • Nada Surf recorded a cover of the classic 1980s song "If You Leave" by OMD for the television series The O.C. The song played during a prominent scene in which Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) shares an emotional goodbye with Anna Stern (Samaire Armstrong). This scene was a tribute to the John Hughes film Pretty in Pink, in which the OMD version of the song originally appeared.
  • Nada Surf songs have been played three times in the television show How I Met Your Mother; "Inside of Love" was featured in the first season, "Always Love" was featured in the twelfth episode of the second season, and "Beautiful Beat" was featured in the closing moments of the twelfth episode of the third season as Ted (Josh Radnor) revisits the bar.
  • "Always Love" is featured on the soundtrack to the 2007 film Disturbia.
  • "Zen Brain" is featured in the 2001 German film Nichts Bereuen.
  • "Hyperspace" is featured in the 2004 German film The Edukators and the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine.
  • Nada Surf's song "I Like What You Say" is featured in the 2006 film John Tucker Must Die.
  • Nada Surf's song "Weightless", from their album Lucky, premiered in the 30th episode (season 2, episode 7, "Out of Time") of the NBC television series Heroes, on November 6, 2007, and will appear on its original soundtrack.
  • "The Fox" from Nada Surf's album Lucky is featured in the closing montage of The Riches episode 204 "Slums of Bayou Hills".
  • "Happy Kid" is featured in the opening scenes of an episode of Numb3rs entitled "When Worlds Collide".



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